Monday, January 21, 2019

Activity Update December 2018: IUCN Project in Pench-Bor Corridor

Mandar Pingle – Conservation Officer
Nilesh Telang – Field Assistant
·      Provided information regarding skill development training programs organised by Rural Self Employment Training Institute (RSETI), Nagpur
·      Organised follow-up meeting of Self Help Groups preparing paper bags and cloth bags
·      Assisted unemployed young villagers to register for Maharashtra State’s employment card scheme
·      Organised meeting of women from Umari village regarding formation of new Self Help Group

On 6 December, a resolution to implement 'Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Jan Van Yojna' was passed by villagers of Lohgad at a gram sabha (village council). Satpuda Foundation staff had earlier provided information to the villagers about the benefits of the scheme for sustainable development of the village. The resolution has been provided to the Range Forest Officer, Kalmeshwar Territorial Range.

In December, Nilesh Telang assisted unemployed young villagers from Temburdoh village in registering for the employment card scheme of Maharashtra State. He also provided information regarding various government schemes for financial assistance and skill development for womens' Self Help Groups (SHGs) and farmers. He explained to the villagers the importance of setting up micro and small scale businesses in order to improve their earning capacity. Nilesh also provided ideas for micro and small scale businesses that require little input but are highly profitable.

Nilesh and Mandar assisted young villagers with employment cards from Telgaon to submit their documents for further processing at Maharashtra State Employment and Self-Employment Center office in Nagpur. These young villagers will receive electronic notifications (emails and SMS) about various employment opportunities.

In December, Nilesh provided information on various skill development training programs being organised by the Rural Skill Employment Training Institute (RSETI), Nagpur. RSETI, a Maharashtra State government undertaking, provides free training in tailoring, photography and videography, beautician’s training which will help unemployed young villagers in self-employment. Nilesh put up banners provided by RSETI, Nagpur near the Gram Panchayat office, bus stops and similar public places. He also provided information to young villagers, members of Self Help Groups and farmers.

In December, Nilesh followed up on the paper bag making venture undertaken by SHGs of Bidgaon, Umari and Telgaon villages. Satpuda Foundation provided assistance in marketing these bags during the ‘Gramayan’ exhibition organised in Nagpur during the month of December. The SHGs sold a total of 1200 bags during the exhibition and earned Rs 6000/-.

On 7 December, Nilesh organised a meeting for 37 women of Umari village. These women are not part of any SHG and had requested Satpuda Foundation to provide information in this regard. During the meeting, Nilesh explained the benefits of SHGs in improving economic conditions. He also provided information on various micro-enterprise business ideas to the women along with government schemes that provide financial assistance to women’s SHGs.

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