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Activity Update November 2018: Satpura Tiger Reserve


The check dam at Matkuli

Check dam near Aaditoriya

Villagers and forest guard building the check dam near Aaditoriya

Dr Manohar Khode at our free health camp at Chirrai

Environment education class at Jhirpa

Environment education class at Matkuli

Plastic litter clean-up drive at Matkuli

Patients register for treatment at our free health camp at Mohgaon

Dr Manohar Khode treating a patient at our free health camp, Tekapar


Team: Ashfaq Aarbi   – Conservation Officer
            Hameed Khan – Field assistant
            Aabid Khan    – Field assistant

·      8 water conservation voluntary work projectss during the month – built 6 check dams, dug 2 soak pits
·      4 anti-plastic programs
·      1 vermi compost tank prepared
·      Classroom visits to 23 schools as part of our environment education program – attended by 1,259  students
·      Selection of unemployed women for vocational and livelihood training
·      Medical camps in 6 villages -    123 patients treated
·      Fish seed distribution
·      Celebration of World Fisheries Day


During November, we organised 8 programs related to water conservation.  On November 10, we organised a program to build a check dam on a stream near Aaditoriya village. A team comprising 10 villagers and our field assistant Aabid built the dam. The resultant water body will benefit wildlife at nights. Spotted deer, monkeys and leopards are seen in the area.

Five similar programs were organised at Pisuwa, Aaditoriya, Jhirpa and Matkuli on November 10, 20 and 23.

On November 16, we organised a program to dig a soak pit at Saraswati Shishu Mandir School in Matkuli village. A team of 12 students joined hands with Aabid in digging the pit, which will take spillover water from a hand pump on the school premises. The pit will help to recharge the water table around the hand pump.

On November 1, we organised a program at Matkuli to promote awareness about public cleanliness and the harmful effects of plastic on the environment and human beings. The program was followed by a drive to clean the village, the main road and prominent public places. Sarpanch Kamal Kishore Pal, local villagers and students participated in the program.   

Three similar programs were organised at Pisuwa, Jhirpa and Khanchari on November 3.


During the month, our team organised 23 lectures to educate students about nature and wildlife conservation.

Employment Cell

During the month we interviewed unemployed villagers and prepared a list of candidates to be trained in poultry farming, driving four-wheelers, making garments, embroidery and mushroom farming. These programs will be held with the support of Nehru Yuva Kendra, Hoshangabad and Chhindwara. Funding for the training programs will be from the Nehru Yuva Kendra and National Rural Livelihood Mission.

During the month we organised meetings of Self-Help Groups to explore micro-finance activity, at Jhirpa, Khanchari, Duddi, Aaditoriya, Mohgaon, Tekapar and Almod on November 18, 19, 22 and 24.

Mobile Health Service (MHS)

Satpuda Foundation organises medical camps at which villagers get free treatment and medicines. These camps, whose schedule is set in conjunction with the management of the Satpuda Tiger Reserve, are run by the Mobile Health Service (MHS) of Satpuda Foundation. There were health camps in 6 villages in November.

Fish seed distribution

We had asked the Field Director, Satpura Tiger Reserve to distribute fish seeds in villages in the buffer zone to provide villagers with an alternative livelihood option.
In November, fish seeds were distributed and introduced in Aaditoriya and Almod village ponds.

Celebration- World Fisheries Day

On November 21, we organised a function to celebrate the World Fisheries Day at Matkuli. The program was attended by Assistant Director (Fisheries Department), and H.L. Sharma (Deputy Ranger).

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