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Activity Update November 2018: Pench-Bor Corridor


Members of Durga Bachat Gat SHG during their visit to Nagpur

Panchayat Samiti Extension Officer Taywade meeting members of
Womens' Self Help Groups in Gondikhapa

Conservation Officer Mandar explains to Telgaon women
how to set up micro enterprises

Telgaon members of Gayatri Mahila Bachat Gat
stitching tote bags

Mr Kale showing crop damage by wild boar in his field, Telgaon

Young villagers of Telgaon getting their employment cards prepared

Our team assisted Mr Kale in applying for compensation for crop damage

Members of Durga Bachat Gat SHG, Umari, learn to cut cloth for tote bags

Women of Durga Bachat Gat learning to make tote bags

Officers from Employment and Skill Development Centre, Nagpur,
guide villagers on various employment schemes

Mandar Pingle – Conservation Officer
Nilesh Telang – Field Assistant
·      Employment and  self-employment awareness camp organised in Telgaon; 56 villagers from 5 villages attended
·      Camp to register for Maharashtra State’s employment card organised in Telgaon; 35 young villagers got their employment cards
·      Meetings held in Telgaon and Gondikhapa to form new self help groups (SHGs) and set up micro-enterprises
·      Members of  two self help groups trained to make cloth tote bags; assistance provided
for market linkage
·      Assisted 3 self help groups in marketing  paper bags
·      Assistance provided to 3 SHGs in bookkeeping
·      Assisted villagers from Temburdoh and Telgaon in filing for compensation for crops damaged by wild animals


On 19 November, Satpuda Foundation organised an awareness session on employment and self-employment opportunities for villagers in Telgaon gram Panchayat Bhavan. During the session Mr. Amol Tidke, officer in-charge for Maharashtra State government’s Employment and Skill Development Center, Nagpur along with his team provided guidance to village young villagers on job search. He also provided information on various government schemes for financial assistance and skill development for women self help groups and farmers.

He explained to the villagers the importance of setting up micro and small scale businesses in order to improve their earning capacity. 56 villagers from Telgaon, Lohgad and Umri villages were present for the session.

During the session, our colleague Mandar Pingle provided ideas for micro and small-scale businesses that require low inputs but are highly profitable.

Mr. Pauljhagade, forest guard for the village, was also present during the meeting and provided information on compensation for crop damage by wild animals. He also urged villagers to refrain from using live electric wires for protection of crops from wild animals.

Sarpanch Mrs. Chanda Gaidhane and Gram Panchayat members extended support and thanked Satpuda Foundation for our sustained efforts to provide employment opportunities for all villagers.

On 25 November, Satpuda Foundation organised a camp for young villagers to register for Maharashtra State government’s employment card in Telgaon gram Panchayat Bhavan. 36 young villagers from Telgaon registered for their employment card during this camp. Mandar, along with 2 volunteers from the village, assisted educated unemployed young villagers to register for employment card.

These young villagers will now get free support and guidance for jobs with the help of their employment card. They can also avail benefits like easy enrollment in skill development programs organised by state government, free coaching for competitive exams like UPSC, MPSC etc.

On 25 November, Satpuda Foundation organised a meeting of women working as daily wage labourers in Telgaon. During the meeting, Mandar Pingle and with Mr. Pankaj Bhingare, rojgar sevak for Telgaon gram Panchayat explained the benefits of starting self help groups. Mandar provided information on various government schemes which can benefit women to improve their economic conditions. He also provided information regarding setting up of a micro-enterprise and marketing of products. 26 women were present for this meeting.

A similar meeting was organised on November 27 in Gondikhapa village. Panchayat Samiti extension officer for Maharashtra State Rural Livelihood Mission (MSRLM) Mr. Taywade was also present during the meeting. He provided detailed information of government schemes to the women. Mandar encouraged women self help group to start green fodder cultivation in order to earn extra income. He gave information regarding the centrally sponsored scheme for grassland development which provides 100% subsidy for grassland and fodder cultivation for milch cattle.

In November, Mandar Pingle taught members of Durga Bachat Gat from Umari and Gayatri Mahila Bachat Gat from Telgaon how to make tote bags. Mandar and Nilesh identified women from these self help group who were already trained in stitching and tailoring. Satpuda Foundation helped them procure raw materials required for making tote bags and mobile tablet covers. Mandar provided designs for the bags and guided the women on how to make these bags. Once the sample bags were prepared, he helped them procure order for 50 bags from BookSom LLP, Pune. Their bags will be now sold in the famous Comic Con in December in Mumbai.

Satpuda Foundation assisted Self-Help Groups from Bidgaon, Umari and Telgaon preparing paper bags to market their products and earn a good profit during the month of November 2018. Satpuda Foundation assisted the Self-Help Groups to procure order for paper bags during various exhibitions being held in Nagpur city. The self help group from Umari sold bags worth Rs 3000/- while Self-Help Groups from Telgaon and Bidgaon managed to earn Rs 2800/- and Rs 2500/- respectively. These groups have received orders for paper bags for exhibitions being held in December 2018.

During the month of November, Satpuda Foundation also provided assistance to Self-Help Groups from Telgaon, Bidgaon, Umari and Gondikhapa villages to maintain their accounts and book-keeping. Nilesh Telang of Satpuda Foundation also monitored the paper bag making venture being undertaken by these Self-Help Groups.

On November 27, Nilesh Telang assisted Mr. Sarode, a farmer from Temburdoh, in filing for compensation for crop damaged by wild animals. Mr. Sarode did not have a clear idea of the application and documents required. He had a misunderstanding that he will not receive proper amount as compensation and hence was reluctant to file an application. Nilesh provided information regarding the compensation scheme and helped him to file an application.

On November 17, Mandar and Nilesh assisted Mr Kale of Telgaon in filing for compensation for crop damaged by wild animals.

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