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Wildlife Week 2013: Pench Maharashtra

Schedule of activities from October 1 - 7

  • Five awareness rallies conducted -- around 440 students participated
  • Eight drawing, painting, essay competitions held -- over 340 students took part
  • Four nature trails were organized for school children with forest department staff accompanying them
  • Two cleanliness drives were conducted and anti-plastic programmes were held on these occasions
  • Village Eco Development Committee (VEDC) members were felicitated for participating in the community patrolling programs
  • Meetings of police patils were held to spread awareness about the laws related to forests
  • Workshop of Self Help Groups and VEDCs was taken on “Alternative livelihood options without pressurizing wildlife and forests”
  • Classroom lectures were organized in schools on wildlife conservation
  • Overall more than 1,000 students participated from 12 villages on the fringes of Pench Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra

DAY ONE – October 1

At Ghoti village, a nature awareness rally was arranged by Satpuda Foundation for children from Z.P. Upper Primary School. Rallyists started from school and went through the village before returning to the school.  Children chanted environment and wildlife related slogans – Makda makda hoop hoop, jade lava khoop khoop; Hum sab ne yeh taana hai, pariyavaran ko bachana hai; Jungle bachao, bagh bachao.  After the rally children were taught the importance of wildlife conservation. A drawing and rangoli making competition was held for the students. 104 students participated in the procession. Range Forest Officer Mr. Jaiswal, Forest Department (Territorial), Round Officer Mr. Lanjewar, Forest Department (Territorial), President of JFM Ghoti Mr. Bagde, President of JFM Thuyapar Mr. Wadhive were the chief guests. All arrangements were looked after by Field Assistant Mr. Dilip Lanjewar and school staff.   

Nature awareness rally

Rangoli making competition at Ghoti village

At the Nature Interpretation Centre, Sillari (Pench Maharashtra), a book stall was inaugurated by Dr. R.P. Jhatale, Veterinary Officer, Pipariya and Pench East RFO Mr. Bobde. Books related to nature and wildlife will be available for sale at this book stall. Education Officer Mr. Mandar Pingle jointly organised an awareness rally with forest staff at Sillari village to promote the conservation message. School children from Sillari school also joined the procession with the teaching staff.

Nature awareness rally 

Book stall inauguration at Sillari village with
Forest Department


At Kolitmara (Pench Maharashtra), an awareness rally was organized for the children of Govt. High School. Around 150 students participated in the procession. Anti-plastic drive was also conducted after the rally, in which the students picked up plastic waste and litter lying on the campus. This was buried in a pit on the campus. Lectures on environment and conservation were delivered by the chief guest -- Satpuda Foundation’s Field Assistant Mr. Bandu Uikey.  Bandu took students on a nature trail near the school and explained various flora and fauna in the area.

From Maharashtra Forest Department, Round Officer Mr. Nighot, Forest Guards Mr. Rathod & Mr. Chopda, Forest Guards of Special Tiger Protection Force were present in the events and also assisted in the program. Teacher Mr. Kolhe and other staff also supported the program.

Awareness rally in Kolitmara

At Pipariya (Pench Maharashtra), a rally and lecture were organized for the students of Govt. Middle School. Children who participated in the event were very excited to celebrate “Gandhi Jayanti” and Wildlife week jointly. From Maharashtra Forest Department Round Officer Mr. Charde was invited as chief guest. He talked with the students and discussed the advantages of forests near their village and why it should not be destroyed.

Rally at Pipariya

RO Mr Charde talking to students in Pipariya

At Sillari (Pench Maharashtra), a campus cleaning drive was arranged at the Nature Interpretation Center. Forest staff and guides working in Pench, Maharashtra, participated in the event. From Satpuda Foundation, Education Officer Mr. Mandar Pingle, Field Assistant Mr. Dilip Lanjewar and Volunteer Mr. Nikhil Sariyam also joined the drive. RFO Mr. Bobde and RO Mr. Bansod appreciated the efforts made by all the members.

Campus-cleaning drive in progress

            DAY THREE

At Sillari (Pench MS) a meeting of police patils was organized to discuss the topic of wildlife-related laws and the measures to be taken if wildlife crime occurs. RFOs Mr. Bobde (East Pench), Mr. Pokle (Chorbauli), Mr Tarsekar (Deolapar) and RO Mr. Bansod guided the audience on the laws.

Mr Bobde speaking about wildlife laws

At Fulzari and Wagholi villages, a drawing competition of the students was held. Around 30 students participated in the programs. Students were told about the importance of the wildlife and forests near their village.


Children from Ghoti, Pipariya, Sillari and Wagholi village were taken on a wildlife safari in Pench Tiger Reserve. Around 30 children participated in the event. Children were very excited to observe animals, birds and nature in the wild.

Mandar Pingle and Nikhil Sariyam talking to children
before the nature trail

At Sillari, meeting of Self Help Groups of women was held on the topics of alternative livelihoods with minimum impact on nature and forests. Education Officer Mr. Mandar Pingle, Field Assistant Mr. Dilip Lanjewar, RO Mr. Bansod guided the participants.

Dilip Lanjewar addresses the participants

At Ghatpendri (Pench MS) a drawing competition was held in the Primary School. Also campus cleaning drive was held for the school children.


At Sawara (Pench MS) village, an awareness rally was organized by Satpuda Foundation and school staff. Mr. Dilip Lanjewar and  Mr. Ambadkar, teacher, participated in the rally with the children. Around 100 students participated. RO Mr. Tule, Mr. Bogade and FG Mr. Rathod attended the event and explained the importance of forests to the children.

Procession going through Sawara village

RO Mr Tule talking to the children in Sawara


At Sillari, Education Officer Mr. Mandar Pingle and Mr. Nikhil Sariyam took the forest staff on a Nature Trail. Here Mandar explained the scientific details of various flora and fauna encountered in the forest of Pench. The staff was amazed by the information they got about the forest where they work.

At Kirangisarra, a voluntary work project was held by Mr. Dilip Lanjewar and Forest Staff. Proper leveling of the road was done with the help of villagers. This road is a key commuting track for villagers. This work brings them a lot of relief. RFO Mr. Pokle, FG Mr. Tumdam from the Forest Department also assisted in the event. 18 villagers were present and helped in the work.

At Narhar, meeting of VEDC members were organized by Mr. Bandu Uikey. Members were introduced to low-smoke chullahs.


At Sillari, members of Village Eco Development Committee [VEDC] of Sillari, Wagholi and Khapa were felicitated for their enthusiastic and voluntary participation in community patrolling program. These VEDC members participate in community patrolling once a week and monitor the activities around the village and forest boundaries. This program helps forest department in tracing and monitoring crimes through forest as well as on village level. It is an example of villagers and forest department working in harmony for the cause of conservation. 

RFO Mr. Pokle was present at the event. ROs Mr. Bansod, Mr. Charde and Mr. Kawade assisted in the program.

Above, below: Dilip Lanjewar felicitating the VEDC
president of Wagholi village

Prize distribution ceremonies were held on the closing day of the wildlife week. Students who participated in the events were felicitated.

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